written by Wanda

51yr Old Rita Rusic Rocks A Red Bikini

While reading over some information about Rita Rusic to do this post, I was a little disturbed by a few things. Those things don’t relate to Rita per say but rather about the kind of trash talk people like to talk about her appearance, especially when she slips into a bikini. That sincerely bugs me. First, I think she looks incredible. Let’s just remember for a second that Rita isn’t in her early twenties anymore like many of the woman we often feature on this site. She’s in her early fifties and I’d say she looks pretty damn good for her age. What I find most appealing about her though is her confidence. I love these pictures. Rita is beautiful, strong and confident – all things I admire very much.


  • Gorgeous mature

  • I think she looks good regardless of her age. But if I was asked how old I thought she was, I definitely wouldn’t have guessed she was in her fifties. I would have thought she was in her thirties.

    People will talk, but who’s chilling by the beach having a great time not looking like she gives two hoots what people think or say?

    I rest my case :)

  • Ahh. The golden years.Gottaloveit!

  • Bloody hell, I wouldn’t have thought she was 51. I would have thought she was younger by at least 10 years. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Like 51 year olds are meant to look a certain way. I think I need to review my perceptions.

  • Tom, I think it’s cool you have the depth and honesty to self analyze. I’d like to get to a stage where I just see a woman as a woman and don’t attach any age whatsoever to how she looks.

  • That’s gonna be a challenge, Mel, but kudos to you for trying. I think a lot of us have been sucked into how a woman looks and how she should look and how old she is and isn’t and whether or not what she’s wearing is appropriate, yada, yada, yada. It’s part of popular culture, more than it’s ever been.

  • 50 what?????? no way jose……..hot body……….

  • Edwin, one day you’ll be 50. We’ll see what the world thinks about you then. All I can say is regardless of your age, 19, 25 or 35, you have a horrible attitude that will age you quicker than anything else. Keep up the good work.

  • she is so fit and 51, my grans friend is in her 50’s and she wears nice outfits showing cleavage and her legs and she is in her 50’s, theres a load of much older women who still like to look sexy and show off their bodies, rita rusic is unreal tho

  • rita must be one of the hottest matures period, hot looking 54 yr old women