written by Wanda

A Bikini Beach Day For Mischa Barton

I haven’t really had the chance to mention how much I love Mischa Barton lately so perhaps I’ll take the chance to do that now. I love Mischa Barton like I love puppies. There. Done. Okay, on to the pictures. Here in Miami, Mischa displays all the things I love most about her and no, her body isn’t one of them, spectacular as it is. I love her style. She’s so unique. There’s something very glamorous about her even when she’s just hanging out on the beach. I love her attitude. She seems like such a relaxed and laid back person. Most of all, I love the fact that past issues aside, she seems to be healthy and happy now. She isn’t scary skinny like she used to be. I think she looks perfect the way she is. I hope one day, should she decide to, she can get her career back on track and we can get back to talking about her work as an actress again instead of her personal life.


  • I’m neither here nor there about Mischa Barton, but it’s good to see her looking healthier than she used to. She looks very relaxed in those photos.

    I wouldn’t know it was her actually. I’d just think she was a beautiful woman at the beach, which she is: beautiful.

  • Mischa Barton looks fab in these photos. I am a fan of hers. She has a great body, and I just really like her overall. It looks like she is very relaxed in these pics and that is a good thing.