written by Wanda

A Girl’s Night Out With Kimberley Walsh

As a member of Girls Aloud, Kimberly Walsh sometimes fades into the background but in these photos, she’s front and center – or rather her rear is. That is a nice ass and it’s pretty obvious she’s well aware of that. Shown here for Girls Night Out at NUBAR Loughton, Kimberly has chosen the perfect outfit to show off her wonderful backside. She’s clearly having a great time and that’s always something I like seeing. Am I the only one that thinks she looks a bit like Leah Remini in some of these pictures though? I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I like Leah Remini. I’m just pointing out the resemblance.


  • she is fit

  • SonyaYou know Amber, I finally iedcded to Google your images as your imposters claimed to find the stuff there, and GUESS WHAT? The Kimberley Walsh lashes do NOT show your picture (you are NOT the father). Surprise, surprise. But guess what does? A Cheryl Cole one does. What a shock she lied. My guess is she simply needed a picture of a real girl wearing false eyelashes. But can I just admit to something? I am constantly cooking recipes from some famous blogs, i.e. smitten kitchen and pioneer woman, and they are so good. As I eat whatever it is, I think to myself, this stuff is so good. My little collection is quite perfect. what would happen if i just went ahead and opened a restaurant where I cooked all of my favourite stolen recipes? From the bloggers, martha stewart, chefs, random people on the internet. I mean what would happen? Is it really that important to not do these things? The bloggers aren’t running such a restaurant. Why not simply feed people the way I feed my family? I feel like the internet is one of the easiest things to use to question what should be paid for and where your ideas are allowed to come from. Thinking about the internet makes all my old assumptions invert themselves.

  • she is fit, her and jodie connor in my bed yes yes

  • she is so hot, leah remini is banging anyway why a bad thing, Have you checked this milf out on king of queens she is nice looking, curvy some great boobs and big ass on her.

    By The way why is Leah Remini not on this site, she should be

  • Kimberley is a fox, real sexy, look at those killer legs and lovely shaped ass, proper sexy lady, i love curvy women like her,

    I agree on Leah Remini too, Milf, saw her on king of queens didn’t know much about her but she is very pretty and she does have a nice sexy body, she has austrian and italian in her so she has that sexy exotic look too