written by Wanda

Abigail Clancy Makes My Eyes Melt.

I like to say there’s no such thing as too hot when it comes to beautiful women in the underwear but as I look at these photos of Abigail Clancy, I really can’t help but wonder if I’m wrong about that. Abigail is always hot but these photos are just at a whole new level. That first picture just about killed me. There’s something about the pose and the sexy “come hither” gaze just off to the side of the camera. The rest of the photos are great as well but that first one is just something else. Stunning photos of a stunning woman.


  • stunning pics of this beauty, to think peter crouch is boffin her, fair play to that lanky man.

    her body is incredible, she is very nice looking also

  • Wow these are incredible photos of Abigail. She has a sexy look to her and the camera really did capture her well. She looks hot in the lingerie. I love the first photo of her.

  • Abigail is so damn fine. I think that she looks great here. I love that come hither gaze that she has. What a turn on. I can imagine the things that I would do to her or that she could do to me.

  • Abigail you are very pretty. You look great here in these photos. You for sure make a great model.
    I think that the suit looks great as well. I only wish that I could look this hot for my man.