written by Ann

Adele Silva & Verity Rushworth In Bikinis

Adele Silva (the blonde) and Verity Rushworth are co-stars in Emmerdale. They are such good friends that they have taken a join vacation together. They looked beautiful in their skimpy bikinis. Having lived in the cold climates of the UK, the beautiful ladies chose warm Dubai for their holiday destination. Dubai, with its lovely beaches, is popular with tourists who must remember that they are on foreign soil and observe their strict behavioral laws. That means no indecent behavior in public.

Adele Silva

Adele Silva and Verity Rushworth Adele Silva in sea yellow bikini red bikini Adele Silva 5.jpg Adele Silva 6.jpg Adele Silva poses in sea Adele Silva 8.jpg Adele Silva 9.jpg Adele Silva 10.jpg Adele Silva 11.jpg Adele Silva 12.jpg Adele Silva 13.jpg


  • woah god damn :]

  • both have mind blowing bodies but id have to go with verity she is just awesome