written by Wanda

Adorable Jennette McCurdy Hangs Out At The Beach.

I like Jennette McCurdy. I’m surprised she hasn’t had more success that she has. She’s not the best actress to ever take up the profession but she’s certainly capable of holding her own with many of her contemporaries and, unlike the masses apparently, I really enjoyed her foray into country music. That really should say something considering I’m not really a fan of the genre. In these photos from Maui, Hawaii, Jennette looks just as adorable as ever and she looks like she’s having a great time on the beach. I don’t really know what’s in store for her next but I hope it’s nothing but wonderful things. I think she could really surprise a lot of people if she’s given the right role and a chance to shine.


  • Wow, ‘Sam’ is definitely finally hot.

  • I feel that I should know her from somewhere. But I am not really sure where. Can anyone tell me? She is cute. A little on the young side for me but she does have a pretty face.

    • She’s been on a few different television shows. “Victorious” and “iCarley” stand out in my mind but I think there may have been more. I heard she was going to be on a spin-off called “Sam and Cat” but I don’t know if it happened or is happening.

  • I have seen her on “Icarly” when I have watched this show with my kid sister. She is not a great actress but my sister loves her and so do other kids so I guess that is all that matters. She is a cute actress though so I guess that makes up for her inability to act.

  • she is a major cutie with a great body, so she doesn’t have that much talent like a lot of people but she sure makes up with it for her great looks and figure, nice add

  • very nice

  • she is very good looking and has fine figure