written by Wanda

Adorable New Emma Watson Photo Shoot.

I want to start this off by saying that I love Emma Watson. I think she’s fantastic. She’s a young, Hollywood celebrity that seems to have her head on straight and I think that fact alone makes her worthy of praise and admiration. With that said, I don’t actually find her super sexy. When I look at Emma, words like “cute” and “adorable” spring to mind. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, of course. There are plenty of young actresses in Hollywood who play up the sex appeal. Emma is one of the few that doesn’t bother with all of that. She’s a breath of fresh air – a young woman content to be who she is and not try to be someone else simply because it may further her career. Not that Emma has anything to worry about in the career department, of course. I’m certain she’ll be just fine. She has the talent to do whatever she chooses. I look forward to seeing exactly where that takes her.


  • so You say emma watson doesnt try and appear sexy yet she is taking modelling type pics, sure whatever, any women nowadays trys to get even more attention based on their looks, I have seen pics of her in tight skirts and panties .

    why does she have to be super hot?, she is attractive, nice looking most people are not ugly, I dont agree with that word and most people are not stunning, more average/ normal looking she is pretty and must be said talented.

    • She doesn’t have to be super hot. That was the point I was going for. She doesn’t put out the super sexualized image some of her peers do (Taylor Momsen comes to mind) and I love that about her. That’s one of the things I like most about her, actually. She is a beautiful woman and she plays that up sometimes but not to the same degree some of the other women her age do. With that said, I have no problem with women that choose to go that route if it’s what feels natural and comfortable to them. It’s just nice seeing someone choose to do things a little differently. As for the underwear pics and tight skirts, I don’t remember seeing them if I did. If I’m wrong about her, I’ll own that. It doesn’t really seem like a huge deal either way. She is definitely talented and I think she has a long career ahead of her.

  • she has pics on here flashing hr panties, up skirt pics ffs?

  • she is a little slut i bet,

  • Not a slut,but perhaps trainable.

  • she is fit, i want her to some nudity or something tho

  • these are her best pictures on here- easy on the eyes, bet she would be a really good ride- she looks like the innocent type girl but i bet she would be wild in the sack, nice pics, emma is very pretty

  • i want to cum all over her pretty face