written by Wanda

Adriana, Alessandra Or Candice Swanepoel?

Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel. I’m just not sure it’s necessary for me to say anything more about these pictures. I’m not sure there’s much I can say, but I’m going to try. On their own, these three women are three of the most gorgeous women in the world. Put them in their underwear and pose them together and I’m just not sure it would be possible to produce hotter pictures. I’m exaggerating of course. They could be wearing less, have more hot models with them or any other number of things, but let’s just say that these are some of the hottest pictures I’ve seen today – maybe even this week. I’d say month, but it’s been a pretty good month. So, title for the hottest angel goes to..?


  • “So, title for the hottest angel goes to..?”

    Now, let me see… AA is FINE. But, she’s not real curvy. Too skinny. But I like her carriage. And she seems like she’s probably a pretty good mom. AL has lost her waist since having her baby. She’s still pretty. but not like she used to be. CS needs to eat a damn Big Mac or a Double Whopper, and then we’ll have another look… SMH

    P.S.- LOVE me some Bar Rafael though…

    • Bar is without question one of my favorite models. As for these ladies, I’m not sure these are the best pictures I’ve ever seen, but I like Alessandra out of the three of them, I suppose. I generally really like Candice, but you’re right. She is tiny. It seems like she’s gotten dramatically thinner since the last time I saw her. Adriana Lima was prettier to me when she was pregnant. I don’t know why – she just seemed to have that glow. It’s obviously not that she’s unattractive now, but she was a bit curvier before and those curves are very much missed now.

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