written by Wanda

Adriana Lima Always Looks Incredible

I’ve said it time and time again: Adriana Lima is one of the hottest models working today. The first picture in this set is absolutely adorable but still so sexy. That whole adorable/sexy thing isn’t something a lot of women can pull off but Adriana does it beautifully. I was asked recently what it is about Adriana I like so much and I found the question pretty difficult to answer. I eventually settled on “I don’t know” because, really, I don’t know. There’s just something about her that appeals to me. She doesn’t look like 100 other women in the modeling industry and I suppose that’s part of my attraction to her. I like women that have their own thing going on and Adriana really does. These photos are great. It’s always a pleasure to write about this stunning model.

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  • all those girls are hot but Adriana Lima is stunning beyond words, amazing looker