written by Wanda

Adriana Lima Could Kill A Person With Those Eyes

I know there are some people who visit this site on a regular basis who don’t get my Adriana Lima obsession. I won’t name names but let me assure you, I will not let these people steer me away from my love of this beautiful woman. It’s all about the eyes for me. She just has those kind of deep, soulful, thoughtful eyes I find absolutely irresistible. Of course, her smoking hot body doesn’t hurt either. To be honest though, I think my favorite shot out of this entire set is the shot where she’s wearing what appears to be an oversized t-shirt. There is just something so sexy about a woman in a big baggy t-shirt. Yup, I like these photos which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

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  • wow adriana you are sexy. I hope your husband give you enough pleasure because I`ll fuck you for hours and then finish of with some anal