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Adriana Lima In Ugly Betty

These pictures showed Adriana Lima on the set of Ugly Betty when she was invited for a guest appearance there. The beautiful Victoria’s Secret model played herself in Ugly Betty. Adriana had said before that she is a huge fan of Ugly Betty. She appeared as a model and worked with Betty Suarez on the topic of “tico berry.” This was a fictional fruit that was reputed to boost the sex image inside and outside of a person. Adriana had guest roles in other prime time TV shows and she appeared as herself in the last season of “How I Met Your Mother.”

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima in Ugly Betty Betty Suarez Adriana Lima filming sexy Adriana Lima How I Met Your Mother beautiful Adriana Lima Adriana Lima blowing a kiss Adriana Lima 9.jpg Adriana Lima 10.jpg Adriana Lima 11.jpg Adriana Lima 12.jpg

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  • Nice sexy poses for cameramen.


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