written by Ann

Adriana Lima Is Engaged To Marko Jaric

Adriana Lima attended the 3rd Annual American Ballet Theatre “Noche Latina.” This was a special evening of dances to celebrate Latin American and Spanish artists. The function was held at the Metropolitan Opera House. Adriana looked smashing in her evening finery. Adriana Lima is engaged to Marko Jaric. They looked like a prefect couple together. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Adriana Lima

Noche Latina  American Ballet supermodel Adriana Lima 4.jpg Adriana Lima 5.jpg Adriana Lima 6.jpg


  • okay Adriana is one of the best but who is that guy lol.

  • Does anyone of you know what is his name?

  • Why don’t you read title? He is NBA super star.

  • I heard that she is still a virgin =) Cause she doesnt want to do it before the wedding =D Unlucky guy but they are already engaged :D

  • how do these goofy looking fucks get the hotties


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