written by Wanda

Adriana Lima Is So Close To Perfection

Oh Adriana Lima. I don’t know what to say about this one. To label her one of the sexiest models in the world almost feels like an understatement. Sexy isn’t even the word. Even gorgeous doesn’t quite do her justice. Perhaps unnaturally stunning… nope. Still not strong enough. Everything about this woman is so close to perfection it’s a little ridiculous. She completely owns every photo she’s in and these photos are no exception. The way she stares into the camera as she poses makes any photograph of her exciting to look at. She knows how to captivate her audience and I love that about her. I challenge anyone who thinks being a model is easy to attempt to pull off that kind of charisma from a look alone. I’m sure it’s much harder than one would think.


  • Her hair looks particularly dark in these pictures. I like it. I also like the purple – very deep and really goes with the deepness of the lipstick and dark hair. I’m not really one for leopard/tiger-skin print, but I do like the one she’s wearing in the last photo.

  • She is a beautiful lady. I think that she is a woman that men really drool over. I would not mind having her body or her great looks. She is a true model. Very sexy indeed.