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Adriana Lima Uplifts Her Bra

What do supermodels Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova have in common besides fantastic bodies? Both ladies are Victoria’s Secret models, of course, and they were both at the unveiling of the new Biofit Uplift Bra at the Victoria’s Secret Store in Los Angeles. Even if both supermodels were fully clothed in black shirts and jeans, they still stirred a lot of attention – perhaps because they playfully held the uplift bras on their breasts!

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova Adriana Lima 2.jpg Victoria's Secret models Victoria's Secret Store in Los Angeles Adriana Lima 5.jpg Adriana Lima 6.jpg Adriana Lima 7.jpg Adriana Lima 8.jpg Adriana Lima 9.jpg Adriana Lima 10.jpg Adriana Lima 11.jpg Adriana Lima 12.jpg Adriana Lima 13.jpg Adriana Lima 14.jpg Adriana Lima 15.jpg


  • Adriana Lima is so much prettier than Karolina …

  • I Agree. Karolina is not as good looking as other Czech models either.


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