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Adriana Lima Wows Liverpool

Adriana Lima was at the Fashion Fest s/s 08′ in Liverpool. As you can see from the pictures, she made some big efforts to woo her fans in Liverpool. She has become more popular since being voted as the world’s fourth highest paid supermodel of 2007. She is a Catholic and a very pious one. In her old interview with GQ magazine in 2006, she praised virginity as her most respected term in her dating relationships. The US GQ magazine called her as “The World’s Most Voluptuous Virgin.”

Adriana’s present date is basketball player Marko Jaric, from NBA Minnesota Timberwolves.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima attends Fashion Fest Adriana Lima 2.jpg AThe US GQ magazine Marko Jaric dating Adriana Lima Adriana Lima 5.jpg Adriana Lima 6.jpg Adriana Lima 7.jpg Adriana Lima 8.jpg Adriana Lima 9.jpg Adriana Lima 10.jpg Adriana Lima 11.jpg Adriana Lima 12.jpg Adriana Lima 13.jpg Adriana Lima 14.jpg Adriana Lima 145.jpg Adriana Lima 16.jpg Adriana Lima 17.jpg Adriana Lima 18.jpg Adriana Lima 19.jpg Adriana Lima 20.jpg Adriana Lima 21.jpg Adriana Lima 22.jpg Adriana Lima 23.jpg Adriana Lima 24.jpg Adriana Lima 25.jpg Adriana Lima 26.jpg Adriana Lima 27.jpg Adriana Lima 28.jpg Adriana Lima 29.jpg one of the highest paid supermodels The World's Most Voluptuous Virgin

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  • You know, I try to raetin my sense of humor about things. Sometimes things are a little too politically correct, but then there are people who seem to have NO idea of good manners or sense. Death is a serious thing, and it’s all too easy to joke about it. What really bothers me is that many Christians (and not! just ignorant people!) assume the worst about their Muslim neighbors (if they happen to live in a diverse neighborhood). Many of them will never take the time to really get to know them or they assume that anyone Middle Eastern-looking is Muslim. I’ve had friends from Jordan, trying to sell their house, hang up American decorations in order to let people know they were, um, not terrorists of any sort.


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