written by Wanda

Adrianne Palicki Is Wonder Woman

There has been a lot of talk about the new Wonder Woman costume but in all honesty, outside of references on “The Big Bang Theory” I’m not really familiar with Wonder Woman. This is what I see. Adrianne Palicki is wearing a red vinyl top, blue stretch pants and red vinyl boots. I’m aware the old costume is really more of panties instead of the stretch pants, but other than that, is there a difference? I think she looks hot. I thought that was really the important part. I honestly can’t see this show being popular anyway. I could be wrong. In fact, my stating my skepticism over the show will likely mean it’ll be a hit. Here’s a fact about me I don’t often cop to. When I saw an entertainment news show discussing the making of “Titanic” I actually said, “Ha! Like anyone’s gonna go see that. What a waste of money.” Yeah. Take my predictions with a grain of salt, folks. I clearly have no idea what the eff I’m walking about most of the time.


  • “I’m not really familiar with Wonder Woman.”

    Ahh, my young friend. This is unfortunate. Because Lynda Carter was and still may be one of the hottest women alive. She is still very beautiful. It was truly her embodiment of a particular set of attributes that brought that character to life. Aside from her incredible physical beauty(perfect, because WW is an Amazon) her intelligence was a primary attraction, and made her believable as Diana Prince, who is WW’s alter ego. And beyond that, WHO REALLY CARED about the character! You watched that show because of Lynda Carter. SHE was a “star”.

    “This is what I see. Adrianne Palicki is wearing a red vinyl top,…”

    Yeah. And that top looks like it came from a Halloween costume shop. And those boots! Dear God…

    “I think she looks hot.”

    Now, Wanda. We’ve been down this road before… Sex appeal. While you don’t know much about WW, I KNOW you’ve at least seen a pic or two of LC. THIS, was devastating beauty. And you know she was/is SERIOUSLY carrying up top. This poor child not only has implants, but they’re bad ones. And the costume doesn’t serve them. This is a large part of the on-going controversy about this show. This girl is being compared to LC, and there is NO comparison. From the stills alone, I’m not remotely interested in this show. I think your instincts may prove out on this one…

    • I love Lynda Carter, actually – just never really got into Wonder Woman. Lynda is an icon up there with the greats and I don’t think many of the young actresses (if any) can compete with any of those icons. When I look at women like Lynda, Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and some of those classic Hollywood beauties, I look at the women we have to offer today and there is just no one to take the torch. I have seen pictures of the original costume, but it’s hard to really get the feel of it from pictures alone. Regardless, I don’t think Wonder Woman should be remade because no one can really reprise that iconic role and do it justice. Adrianne seems to be doing her best, but she’s got some seriously big boots to fill. I can’t think of anyone that would’ve done a better job, but that’s certainly not saying I think Adrianne is the best woman for the job. It’s more that there shouldn’t be a job in the first place. Lynda is Wonder Woman. No one can top that.

      As for the ‘hot’ issue, I don’t really necessarily think Adrianne is a stunner or anything like that. She’s just hot. She’s hot like a million other actresses in Hollywood or hot. If I saw her in the mall, she might turn my head, but she’s no one I’d really be drooling over. Hot is really a pretty broad term. It’s like calling a baby cute. I mean, they’re all pretty cute aside from the really ugly ones.

  • “she’s got some seriously big boots to fill.”

    Big bra is more like it. LOL.

  • Lynda Carter was so friggin hot and sexy as Wonder Woman nobody could do her better!! As a young boy when the series was still on tv I think she gave me my first chubby!!! Then again it could have been Charlies Angels…..LOL

  • There are some series that shouldn’t be remade. Wonder Woman is one of them. No one can replace Linda Carter. OK, maybe someone can, but they have to be pretty special and I don’t see it with the young lady playing her. The costume is also awful and the hair looks like a wig. Maybe it’ll look better on screen, but from the pictures, the outfit looks tacky.

  • so sexy