written by Wanda

Aida Yespica Looks Stunning In A Bikini.

How many of you have heard about the whole “thinspiration”/Kate Upton controversy from a few days ago? If you haven’t heard, basically it went something like this – some blog about skinny girl pride posted an absolutely cruel diatribe against Kate Upton (whom I think is gorgeous, for the record) and got in all sorts of trouble. Here’s the thing about that and here’s how it relates to these pictures of Aida Yespica. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Aida although I’ve heard other people talk about her being too skinny. Some women are just naturally very thin. Other women prefer to strive for a thin frame. I don’t see a problem with either of those things as long as the woman is healthy and takes care of herself. I’m a naturally thin woman myself – probably about as thin as Aida although I have much less muscle definition than her – and I look in the mirror and feel too thin. That doesn’t mean I think Aida is too thin. I think she’s a stunning woman that looks great in a bikini. At the same time, Kate, who is a little curvier, is more what I would like to look like myself. What bugs me about the skinny versus chubby debate is the fact that it exists at all. Every woman has her own body type and should be able to feel good about how they look. Shaming them for their body – if they’re healthy – is cruel and completely unnecessary, especially when the cruel comments are made by a nameless, faceless individual who isn’t risking having their own appearance picked apart.

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  • Everyone said She has a big fat ass.’But İ think it is not that important bcsauee she is sooo cute.A happy face is lot more important than a hot body