written by Wanda

Aida Yespica Shows Off Her Behind In Porto Cervo.

I adore Aida Yespica. She’s such a beautiful woman and she just seems so down to earth. I always appreciate that in a woman. These photos of Aida in Porto Cervo show off her incredible body, of course, but they also show her having a great time. She just looks so relaxed and at ease. I always find that sort of thing so appealing. Perhaps there’s a little bit of envy wrapped up in there. I would love to be there relaxing on the beach – all the better if Aida was there with me too. How great would that be? Relaxing on the beach, sipping a drink with Aida Yespica a few feet away in a bikini. How can I make this happen? I need to get on that.

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  • Very pretty gal I must admit. The poses are odd though. Like she knows that she is being photographed. I would have to say that she looks better if she would just be all natural, and not have the poses.