written by Wanda

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace In Sexy Bikini Photoshoot

You have to hand it to “Big Brother UK” alum Aisleyne Horgan Wallace. She definitely knows how to keep people talking about her. While some of her contemporaries fade into the background as soon as the show is over, Aisleyne flaunts her sexy body every chance she gets to stay relevant and keep her name out there. This bikini photoshoot will definitely help. I don’t really care for Aisleyne as a celebrity but only because I’m never a big fan of people who’s main claim to fame is reality television. Although there are a few exceptions, Aisleyne isn’t one of them. With that said, I like the way this girl looks in a bikini. She has a little meat on her bones. I’m tired of seeing stick thin models and actresses hitting the beach because that’s just not how most real women look. Granted, Horgan Wallace is still more attractive in her swimsuit than most women would be but at least she looks a little more realistic. I definitely appreciate that.


  • Using your body to keep yourself ‘current’ and ‘relevant’ sounds quite sad to me. If that’s the case, then I have more respect for Aisleyne’s contemporaries who’ve faded into the background.

    I agree, It’s nice to see a woman with meat on her bones. But what I’d much rather see is the woman before the body.

    • I agree, actually. I don’t have much respect for the girl but I guess if her goal is to be famous, I can’t be mad at her for going after what she wants. I’m a little torn on the subject really. It’s her body and she can do what she wants to do with it but at the same time, it’s hard to respect someone who flashes as much skin as possible without getting entirely naked to keep the cameras rolling.

  • Wanda, I so hear you there. I have those conflicting thoughts too at times. It’s her body and she can do what she wants with it. It’s her right, her choice, and thank god she can exercise her choice. But on the other hand, it’s sad to see her and the sheer amount of women that choose to go down that road. We are more than our bodies.

  • This shoot is about 4 years old. Aisleyne has appeared in the film Anuvahood and done the series Celebrity Salon on Irish TV in past 12 months. She hasn’t done any glamour shoots for about 2 years now.

  • shm, if that’s the case, then thank god for that. As much as it’s her choice whatever she does and how she does it, I’m glad she’s moved on to other things. Thanks for the update. Didn’t know the pictures were that old.

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  • Wow the one with the cowboy hat is my favorite of these. She has that sex look on her face. She is gorgeous. I think that she looks great in all the suits as well. Keep these photos coming.