written by Wanda

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace Nip Slip Proves She’s Just As Classy As Ever.

I give Aisleyne Horgan Wallace a hard time sometimes but I really can’t get on her case too much. She wants to remain relevant and what better way to do that than show as much skin as she can at all times. I mean really, folks, this is that the woman wore to The Duke of Essex Polo Trophy. That top (dress maybe?) is so low cut she was just begging for the nip slip that inevitably took place. I often tend to invent similarities between two celebrities but I’m pretty sure this one’s not just in my head – um, little Lindsay Lohan resemblance maybe? I don’t know what else to say about these photos. I’m really at a loss so I’ll just stop there before I wind up getting snarky.


  • that top picture is epic, great pictures all of them love her, imagine having her in bed, oh yes.

    A titties wank off her would be heaven and I’d smash her back doors in

  • yh simon its never a good idea tho when a women is in that position to get a good squeeze, Ive has mixed results doing it with girls in clubs, sometimes you turn around nothing keep dancing and messing around other times you will get a good slap.

    Had my mates mother bend over in front of me and I tapped her ass no lie a really good slap on her ass and she turned around and smacked me and kicked me out lol, and I did the same crap at a doo I danced with a women the same age as my gran, and whilst dancing I held her waist and ass etc all good fun I thought, later I saw her that night, I kiss her on the mouth and feel her up some more and she is pissed anyway but her husband comes after lol and it wasn’t a good experience for me in the car park he batters me.

    I wouldn’t squeeze asses now in that position

  • Id smash her back doors in, id put it up her ass

  • tit wank and anal with her yes

  • fit as fuck, i wouldn’t tap ass in that position id be tempted lol

  • holy cow, great imapges of this babe, huge cleavage on her, the top pic of her bending over is so good, that ass would get smashed.

    Anyone notice too the women in red, another hottie with great knockers look at her nice.

    Funny most time I have grabbed a women;s ass before its been so great, good fun and banter, it comes down to the person tho, danced with my mates auntie the other week who is like 45 and we were joking and I was squeezing her ass as we danced lol, an then afterwards i joked I said bend over I wanna slap it , I did smack her ass, she was fine with it .

  • I would do her arse some damage

  • she is a sexy women, wonder who the blonde lass in in the red she is nice and busty too she would so get it too

  • I had a women like this last week bent over full skirt heels the lot lol, I slapped her ass real hard and had one back twice as hard lol.

    I wanna tap that ass so hard and smash her back doors in, somehow i think she would give me a slap, but she is a good prick teaser and the women in the red dress would get it too

  • I agree the one in red is fit too, she is fit, love to smash her from behind

  • she is a slut by these pics or enjoys acting like one, her and the lass in red lesbians? they kissing eachother she most likely had a bit to drink, a lot of women act like this, I have been out and had women in their 40’s showing off hge cleavage, benidng over revealing a lot of skin and flirting wth younger men even kissing etc what a world we live in

    she and the other women are fit but she can do better

  • I would pay money to feel her up in that dress. Her arse looks heavenly here. I want be making out with her on a bed, groping her arse in that dress. Mmm…

  • she is lovely, great body, bit of a teaser, the women with her in the red dress has a great pair of kmockers on her too and great legs, nice caps, sexy ladies

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  • wouldnt mind putting my thing in her bumhole