written by Wanda

AJ Lee Isn’t Really Doing It For Me In These Photos Which Is Weird

Here’s the deal: I have never really seen a photo set of AJ Lee I didn’t find sexy and in some ways, that continues with this set. In other ways, I find this set a bit on the disappointing side. There’s nothing wrong with these shots at all. There’s just nothing special about them either. She looks incredible and her body is killer but yeah, I guess I’m just used to seeing a little more from AJ. I don’t necessarily mean in therms of skin because she is showing quite a bit of it here, but photos of AJ usually have that little something extra about them and I don’t find that’s true here. Ah well. I guess they can’t all be winners.


  • amazing looking women with a fine body, she is awesome and crazy on wwe

  • she has nice legs, I always look forward to watching her whenever I catch the wrestling, she is very pretty and her character is insane as hell she has kissed a lot of guys in that too, I wish I was that lucky getting to kiss aj lee, tho must be said wwe do have some very sexy divas

    Aj Lee, Layla, The Bella’s, Eve Torres Lilian Garcia if she counts I could go on lol

  • she is so fit, aj isone of the best looking divas, just wish Stephanie McMahon was also on here, she is such a milf, remember the good old days when she was always showing off her legs in tight skirts not to mention her awesome rack.

  • There are loads of realy fit women in WWE, cj perry is now in it and she is smoking hot, aj lee, the bella’s, stephanie Mcmahon is a nice looking women too

  • Aj is insanely hot, really pretty, great body, I agree about Stephanie Mcmahon too, she is a MILF, really busty, great curves and a pretty face, whats not to like

  • Aj lee > stephanie Mcmahon for me