written by Wanda

AJ Lee Makes Me A Little Angry

How was I not informed that most female wrestlers these days are total babes? No, seriously. That was not a rhetorical question. I demand answers. I’m looking at these photos of gorgeous WWE star, AJ Lee and I’m wondering how it is even possible I was not alerted to this stunning creature long ago. I mean, she’s just incredible and that body of hers? It’s like she’s been chiseled out of stone. That tears it. I now have to start watching wrestling again. It’s been decades but I’m sure I can catch up pretty quickly. Turns out though, she isn’t just hot. She’s also very smart and savvy when it comes to business. That is something I can really respect. I’m going to be watching this girl from here on out. Love her.


  • she is a fox

  • best looking lady on wwe maybe, love a bit of aj lee

  • love her and of course Stephanie Mcmahon who is a really hot milf, Tall, Nice Looking, buff body, awesome legs, The old divas were stunning though like Trish Stratus, Lita and chyna amen, Aj Lee rocks though

  • Stephanie Mcmahon oh yeah, she is still nice now but back in the day she was such a milf, back when she in wwe more often, love her in skirts and heels, she has a great rack too she is very good looking too

    Of the current women in wwe, aj lee is actually my favourite she is stunning in looks and her body is fine, super sexy women

  • sooo pretty, love aj lee

  • she is probably the nicest looking diva currentl in wwe, Maryse was the hottest and Mickie James I think