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Alesha Dixon Shows Her Humps

Can you sing “my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps”? Because that just may be the song that will play in your head when you see these photos of Alesha Dixon. Alesha recently performed at G-A-Y in London and boy, did she really flaunt those lady lumps of hers. Dressed in a brown sequined body suit, Alesha’s look reminded me of someone from Destiny’s Child. You know, Jay-Z’s other half? Anyways, I’m not too sure if Alesha picked the right outfit for her performance. What do you think?

Alesha Dixon

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  • Nice outfit :)

  • i would any day

  • I am relaly glad that you are a judge on Strictly and you are a great one as well!I am glad that you have not quit i know you could through all the bad press. Keep going babeBecky xxx

  • she is fit as fuck, I love alesha dixon

  • I love her too, yes she is an ideal women, she has the whole package, very pretty face, great body, nice boobs,s, amazing ass and stunning legs, thick thighs, curves, i just love this women so much.

    Alesha u rock it babe

  • she is very pretty and has a great body, i wanna see her full nude, she is so hot, she has nice thick legs

  • very hot she is indeed, her body is so good, she has great rack and nice legs not to mention she is very pretty

  • she is stunning.

    Any chance we can get pics of Karren Brady on this site, she is fit as fk, seen her in person myself and in a ight skirt and heels, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but she has a banging body, wish she was on here

  • Alesha is very nice, she is very nice looking and has a body to die for, huge boobs and ass, quite talented too, nice voice.

  • alesha is well peng


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