written by Wanda

Alessandra Ambrosio At The Beach With Her Daughter

Alessandra Ambrosio is lovely no matter what she does. It’s an effortless sort of beauty and that’s perhaps what I find most appealing about her. Here on the beach with her adorable daughter, Alessandra doesn’t seem at all concerned with looking like the hottest woman on the beach. Instead, she’s just happy to spend a little quality time with her little one. It just so happens that she looks smoking hot while she does it. If you were to assume Alessandra was the hottest mom on the beach, you’d probably be right. I think what I like most about these pictures is the fact that it’s obvious Alessandra is having a good time. I love this girl. Can’t wait to see more pictures of her. Luckily, Alessandra isn’t afraid to show off her body so pictures come by quite often.

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  • Awe her daughter looks so sweet and cute here. And I love Alessandra’s swim suit. She is a gorgeous lady who is out having fun with her child and it clearly means the world to her.