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Alessandra Ambrosio Checks Her Butt

Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio as she checks her sexy butt while on a photoshoot in Miami. Don’t you just like how she checks out her own behind? It’s as if she wants to say, “oh hello, there you are. I’m glad you’re still tight and round… continue to be that way or else I’d be out of a job!” Anyways, you can see in this batch of pictures that Alessandra’s having the time of her life. She sure is beautiful and sexy, of course — but what do you think is extra special about her?

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio Photoshoot height= Alessandra Ambrosio in Swimwear Alessandra Ambrosio butt Alessandra Ambrosio 4.jpg Alessandra Ambrosio 5.jpg Alessandra Ambrosio 6.jpg Alessandra Ambrosio 7.jpg Alessandra Ambrosio 8.jpg Alessandra Ambrosio 9.jpg Alessandra Ambrosio 10.jpg Alessandra Ambrosio 11.jpg


  • I wouldn’t trade faces with her, but wow, the butt is good. I have a really curvy butt and big boobs so I will never be a Victoria’s Secret Model. I still show off on my website anyways for those who like a tiny waist and lots of curves…

  • You wouldnt trade faces with a world famous supermodel. Right. Thats why youre probably in some cube eating carrot sticks and looking at shitty websites, and shes Alessandra Ambrosio.


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