written by Wanda

Alessandra Ambrosio Is A Babe And Other Obvious Things.

Oh Alessandra Ambrosio. How many different ways can I say I love this woman like I love kittens? Just one time I would like to see a picture of Alessandra looking anything less than flawless. I’m sure such photographs exist. She is only human after all. I can say for sure though, if those photos do exist, they’re certainly not among this set of photos of Alessandra on a beach in Malibu. She looks so relaxed and easy going as she hangs out by the water. I think that’s actually what I like most about these photos. She’s gorgeous, sure, but she also looks happy and comfortable. I love that. I’m sure I’ll be saying much the same thing next time I get a set of Ambrosio photos but I look forward to it all the same.

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