written by Wanda

Alessandra Ambrosio Is Still In Hawaii; Still In A Bikini

When Alessandra Ambrosio goes to Hawaii the whole world becomes a sexier, happier place – or at least my world does. This woman is a magnificent, shining example of what true beauty looks like. She has a gorgeous face, an incredible body and most importantly, she doesn’t mine slipping into a bikini to show off that body. More than that, she seems like a genuinely down to earn woman. She likes to have fun. She likes to relax. It just so happens she looks outrageously sexy while she does both of those things. I love candid pictures of Alessandra because they really show that this woman is just naturally beautiful. Many models don’t look nearly as good without all the lights and makeup (and heavy Photoshopping) but Alessandra clearly isn’t one of those women.

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