written by Wanda

Alessandra Ambrosio Picks Up A Coffee In Brentwood

Man alive! What’s going on today? A few hours ago, I wrote about some photos of Bar Refaeli I found a little boring and now here I am writing about a set of Alessandra Ambrosio photos I’m feeling the same way about? I must be having an off day. I love Alessandra. I love her in ways I can’t describe yet here we are. I’m looking at these photos of her as she picks up coffee and snacks in Brentwood and all I can do is shrug my shoulders. Yes, she looks incredible. It’s Alessandra Ambrosio. She always look incredible. I guess these candid shots just aren’t doing it for me lately. I do like the outfit though. That has to count for something. Man … didn’t I write almost the exact same thing about Bar? It has got to be me. Maybe I need to have a nap or something. I’m clearly off.

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