written by Wanda

Alessandra Ambrosio Takes A Stroll, Looks Fantastic, Surprises No One.

Alessandra Ambrosio is a stunner – absolutely gorgeous. I love her modeling photos but I have a serious soft spot for candid photos like these ones. They give us the chance to see Alessandra in a more casual setting and I like that. There’s something about a beautiful model just doing about day to day chores in her casual clothes that I find appealing. I think Alessandra looks great although I’m not sure I love the leopard print waist band on the pants she’s wearing in some of the photos. Sure it adds a little pizzazz to the look but it’s a little over the top for my taste. All the same, she looks terrific. Great pictures.


  • nice looking women

  • She does look great but her outfit of choice makes me wonder. It is an odd combo in the first pics. I mean stripes with cheetah print does not make sense to me at all. And the bright shoes are a no no in my book. Oh well her face looks great.

  • she is easy on the eyes looks well nice

  • she is pretty but she got no ass at all, too skinny