written by Wanda

Alessandra Ambrosio Takes In A Yoga Class

I love – absolutely adore – seeing gorgeous models like Alessandra Ambrosio out and about without makeup on. So many people like to say women like Alessandra wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful without makeup but after looking at these photos of Alessandra at a yoga class in Los Angeles, I’d have to say those people are incorrect. She might look a little less red carpet ready (likely due to the workout clothes and the messy pony tail) but I couldn’t care less. I still think she’s absolutely stunning. It’s also nice to get a glimpse of what Alessandra’s workout routine involves. It’s nice to think she doesn’t just sit around and manage to keep her body looking like that. These photos are fantastic although there are a few awkward shots here and there. I’m still not a big fan of people snapping photos of celebrities when they’re working out at the gym but I enjoy these photos too much to complain a whole lot.

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