written by Wanda

Alex Morgan And Her Hot Bikini Body.

Alex Morgan is one of those women that just continually surprises me. Each time I see a photo set of her, I think she can’t get any hotter and then, boom! She does. It’s crazy and confusing and I like it. These photos are incredible. The body on that woman is just out of this world. I remember recently reading a comment on a story about Alex that kind of made me ragey though so I wanted to mention it. Alex’s body is fine. Does she have the biggest breasts on the beach? Probably not. Does she seem to care? Not at all. Then who is anyone else to say she should get implants. First, she’s a professional athlete. Bigger breasts would probably be a nuisance on the field. Second, if she is happy with the way she looks what other people think doesn’t matter. For what it’s worth though, I think she looks stunning.


  • Perfect, perfect ass. Take note, ladies.

  • she is lovely really, very nice looking and a superb figure, really hot girl

  • she has a great body, wow dont know much about her i want to sure see more of her, real hottie

  • she is well fit