written by Wanda

Alexandra Burke Shows Off Her Bikini Body.

Alexandra Burke is one of those women who really does it all. This gorgeous musician/model/songwriter/dancer, Burke has earned the distinction of being one of the most successful “X-Factor” winners to date. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that she looks great in a bikini. In these photos from Miami Beach, Alexandra looks like she’s having a great time with her friends and she looks fantastic while she’s doing it. I haven’t really heard much of her music but I’ve always liked what I have heard. I think we can assume there will be even more success in Alexandra’s future. The woman has tons of talent and great looks to go with it. She’s made for stardom.



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  • she has a nice body, not the prettiest face tho, her career hasnyt kicked on either even tho she has a good voice, I think Leona Lewis is much fitter tho