written by Wanda

Alexis Bledel Looks Classy And Sexy

I’ve always been a big Alexis Bledel fan, even if I didn’t always admit it. There was a time when I considered myself too cool to like “The Gilmore Girls” and “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” but now I’m older and more mature. I don’t care about being cool and I like that I like. I like Alexis. I’ve never actually seen “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” but I loved the first one. Sadly, I haven’t seen Alexis in much lately, so I was happy to see these pictures. I always liked Alexis because she didn’t seem like she was in a hurry to grow up. She usually dressed age appropriately, but still beautifully. I think these pictures show that she still does that. She looks sexy but not sleazy. I love that. Those shoes though – as much as I love them, how on earth do women wear shoes like that and not fall on their faces. It’s a mystery to me.

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  • i love alexis eyes .. thx bro


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