written by Wanda

Ali Landry In Blue And White Bikini

I know Ali Landy’s had a lot of roles. I personally thought she was great as Rita on ‘Eve’. That said, the poor girl is probably never going to escape the ‘Doritos Girl’ label. She made a few commercials and now she will ever be associated with the brand. That has to be a little disheartening. Ah well, look at the girl. She’s gorgeous. If she plays her cards right, she’ll be able to escape that moniker eventually. She’s definitely got the looks and she’s amassed a pretty impressive body of work. Those commercials are really what got her foot in the door and introduced her to the world. It’s hard to imagine she feels bad about that.

Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali LandryAli Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry

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