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Ali Landry’s Glamour Photos For Marie Claire

Ali Landry is here on a photo shoot for Marie Claire magazine. Ali’s new movie, Bella, came out in DVD on May 6. Ali was Miss USA in 1996. She was best known as the Doritos Girl from the Super Bowl commercial in 1998. In the same year, she was named by People as one of the top 50 Most Beautiful People In The World. Ali’s husband directed the film Bella. The couple traveled all over US to promote the movie before the DVD was made. Ali said that Bella would be a success.

Ali Landry

Miss USA 50 Most Beautiful People Doritos Girl glamour photos Ali Landry 5.jpg Ali Landry 6.jpg Ali Landry 7.jpg


  • Very nice to see her alive. I remember her from Bella (the movie). She seemed a nice girl, but I didn’t know she was Miss USA.

  • Anyone know where you can see the official pics from the shoot?


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