written by Ann

Ali Larter In Allure July 2008

Ali Larter, an actress from the cast of Heroes, looked fantastic in her body suit. These were her pictures for Allure magazine, July 2008. She gave an interview to chat about her weight. Being a Hollywood actress was one of the most difficult jobs. Once, she received instructions to lose weight during filming of a project. The instructions were faxed to her agents and manager. Literally everyone in the production knew about her weight issue and it was a big embarrassment for her. Ali is slim and beautiful now.

Ali Larter

Allure Magazine sexy Ali Larter Ali Larter, magazine


  • Borat like body :) I like, it’s nice!! Can I touch?

  • Body or whatever that is that she has on =)

  • thats a swimmsuit mate =) Still a much better package then borat i guess

  • Godess!! can’t wait to see upcoming season of Heroes!!

  • She was so creepy in FD1 and FD2 and she has that creepy seductive look all the time its hot