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Ali Larter Is Hottie In Tights

American beauty, Ali Larter was seen in a New Jersey supermarket parking lot after shopping for some daily needs. Her husband, Hayes MacArthur too was accompanying the hottie shopping. Larter was wearing a skin tight fight top with black tights and her husband was sported a cool relaxed look in a black t-shirt and black pants. While he was enjoying music with his mp3 player plugged in his ears. Ali Larter was seen walking along with Hayes who happily carried the shopping load. Anyhow,  Heroes star was helping her husband when getting set to leave but of course we’d like to see more.

Ali Larter is hottie in tights

Ali Larter is hottie in tights Ali Larter is hottie in tights Ali Larter is hottie in tightsAli Larter is hottie in tights Ali Larter is hottie in tights

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