written by Ann

Alicia Keys At BET Awards

Alicia Keys won the Best Female R & B Artist award, at the BET awards, on June 24. She wore a nice gown with a pretty pleated design on one bosom. Sean P. Diddy Combs gave her a peck. Alicia and Sean have spoken up to give their support for Barack Obama. In so doing, they are also influencing their fans to get behind their preferred candidate. BET, which stands for Black Entertainment Television, tried to get Obama to attend but he did not.

Alicia Keys

BET awards sexy Alicia Keys height= Alicia Keys 3.jpg Sean P. Diddy est Female R & B Artist award Black Entertainment Television sexy Alicia Keys Alicia Keys 8.jpg Alicia Keys 9.jpg Alicia Keys 10.jpg Alicia Keys 11.jpg Alicia Keys 12.jpg

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