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Alicia Keys At The Nobel Peace Prize Event

I must admit, I’ve always had this impression that formal ceremonies are stiff and just downright bland (no offense meant). I can’t blame the organizers if the ceremony is kept just like that because, after all, in this case, it’s the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for chrissakes! This year, however, superstar singer Alicia Keys recently performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert – looking as beautiful and bootylicious like this – and with an electrifying performance (one that you can only expect from Mizz Keyz herself) you can be sure that the formal ceremonies this year became just downright fun!

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Nobel Peace Alicia Keys Performance Alicia Keysg Alicia Keys 4.jpg Alicia Keys 5.jpg Alicia Keys 6.jpg Alicia Keys 7.jpg Alicia Keys 8.jpg Alicia Keys 9.jpg Alicia Keys 10.jpg Alicia Keys 11.jpg Alicia Keys 12.jpg Alicia Keys 13.jpg


  • What a fantastic performance! I wish we will see more of Alicia soon.

  • nice looking girl

  • She looks like taking sex positions :)

  • stunning looking women with awesome body. love those sexy legs girl

  • her ass and legs are amazing, she is so sexy

  • great big ass on this babe, she is very pretty she has curves which are great, she is lovely.

    Bootylicious sums her up

  • she is my type of women, real body


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