written by Ann

Alicia Keys’ Concert In Spain

Alicia Keys performed live at the Sports Palace in Madrid, Spain. This should be part of her world concert tour named as “As I Am.” The tour started off badly because Alicia had laryngitis. While she was sick, her concerts were cancelled, postponed, or re-scheduled. Alicia would travel to many countries and end her tour on July 9, 2008. In these pictures, Alicia was rather modest and wore an inner layer of black clothing to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys performing Sports Palace in Madrid As I Am Alicia Keys 4.JPG Alicia Keys 5.JPG Alicia Keys 6.JPG Alicia Keys 7.JPG Alicia Keys 8.JPG Alicia Keys 9.jpg Alicia Keys 10.JPG Alicia Keys Ass


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