written by Christine

Alicia Keys Photo Shoot

Here is the ever so stunning Alicia Keys in a very elegant photo spread. Hard to say here, is she modeling the piano or the dress? Either way, as USUAL she looks effortlessly gorgeous in a two-toned dress balancing both satin and sheer organza fabric. This is a beautiful spread, where clearly, the dress is wearing HER rather than vice versa.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys 1.jpg Alicia Keys 2.jpg Alicia Keys 3.jpg Alicia Keys 4.jpg Alicia Keys 5.jpg


  • Alicia Keys is sexy and beautiful

  • Thank you for posting. Do you know what magazine this photoshoot was for?

  • you are pretty when u have another cocert can u come for me??//.//?////

  • she is so hot!!! just beautiful what man would not love to make love to her!

  • i would spend the rest of my days making love to this women. perfection