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Alicia Keys Sings At Super Bowl XL II

It was Super Bowl XLII. Alicia Keys looked great in her figure hugging, low cut hipster tights. She won the hearts of many as we could see them rooting for her as they joined in the action of miming and singing along. This year, it was the first time that a wild card team from NFC won the Super Bowl. The Giants had made 11 consecutive victories in this single season. This was a memorable year for them.

Alicia Keys

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  • fat ass

  • i think she is cute :(

  • Where can I buy the Antik Jeans that Alicia Keys and her dancers are wearing in this presentation??. They look great on them…and Alicia is so gorgeous. She gets more and more beautiful as she gets older

    My girlfriend wants me to get her those Antik jeans for Valentines day but I don’t know where i can get them.

    Thank you for your help

  • she is so fit

  • 1

  • i would do her


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