written by Wanda

Aly Michalk Makes A Dress Out Of Her Kitchen Curtains

Okay, so I don’t know who made this dress Aly Michalk is wearing here and I’m sure it wasn’t made from curtains but it really looks like it was. I am not even kidding, if the background was an autumn sort of brown, the pattern on that dress would look almost exactly what I’m looking at hanging in my kitchen window at this very moment. Also, is Aly pregnant? There looks to be a baby bump in some of these photos but I don’t recall hearing she was with child. A quick Google search tells me there are rumors out there that she’s going to be having a baby but from what I can tell, nothing has been confirmed. If she is pregnant and trying to conceal her baby bump, I can forgive the dress. If not, Aly might want to have a little conversation with her stylist because if Aly isn’t pregnant, that is one very unflattering dress.

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