written by Wanda

Alyson And AJ Michalka At Famous Chick’s BBQ

The sad thing about sisters in Hollywood is that inevitably, people are going to compare their looks. Just ask the Kardashian sisters. Aly & AJ Michalka are no exception. When they shot to fame as simply Aly and AJ, everyone talked about how gorgeous they both were. As time passed though, those comparisons began. I’m not going to play that game. I honestly don’t think it’s fair. Here at Famous Chick‚Äôs BBQ in Los Angeles, Alyson and AJ seem to be like most other sisters, sitting together to enjoy a nice day while catching up on some reading. I like these two, even if I never really got into their music. They seem like pretty laid back people and I like that.


  • Vicki – Wow! These are fsinaattc! I have to say, his mom looks AMAZING, especially after just giving birth. Kudos to her! James is adorable. Best of luck to the happy parents.

  • both are very nice looking, sexy legs on show here

  • wouldn’t mind being in the middle of these two chicks