written by Wanda

Alyson Michalka’s Fun And Flirty Photo Shoot

I remember Alyson Michalka from way back when “Aly & AJ” was still called “Aly & AJ”. I’ve always liked her. There’s something very sweet and wholesome about her, even when she’s all stretched out on the hood of a car wearing a black bikini. She’s the girl next door type and I’ve always had a soft spot for that. While she’s starting to have a sexier image, she isn’t going overboard with it like many of her contemporaries, and I really like that about her. I also love that she’s taking on better acting roles, for example, her role as Abernathy in “Easy A”. I hope she continues to make smart choices. I’d like to see this girl really break out and become a huge star.


  • I really hope that Aly becomes something as well. I remember being a fan of hers on “AJ & Aly”. She does seem very unique and wholesome and has the girl next door attitude about her. I wish her all the best of luck.

  • she is so hot