written by Wanda

Alyssa Milano Looks Adorable But What’s Up With The Outfit?

I love Alyssa Milano. I have loved her since her days on Who’s the Boss and have loved each and every thing she’s done since then. One of the highlights of my short lived time on Twitter was getting to tweet back and forth with Alyssa one day about sports. I’m not really a huge sports fan but Alyssa has a way of making me interested. What does any of that have to do with these photos of Alyssa¬†on the set of “Extra” in Los Angeles? Well, nothing but I wanted to make it clear that I adore this girl before I write about how much I loathe this outfit. Alyssa is an incredibly beautiful woman. I don’t understand why she would choose an outfit that’s so unflattering. It’s distracting, really. Alyssa is still in fantastic shape and she has such a beautiful face. I want to be able to focus on all of that but instead, I can’t stop looking at the high waisted skirt and the bizarre shirt. I still love her though – still love her a lot. It’s just the outfit I’m not a big fan of.

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