written by Wanda

Alyssa Milano Looks Kind Of Weird But Still Gorgeous

So I’ve been watching Alyssa Milano’s new series, Mistresses, and I have to say it’s really nice to see Alyssa on something that actually has a chance at getting a second season. I’m not sure the ratings guarantee that but it hasn’t been a miserable failure. Is it a good show? Well, it’s very heavy on the drama but I think that’s part of why it works. It’s a nighttime soap, more or less, but it’s a great show to get sucked into as a guilty pleasure. I know I’m excited to see what happens next. In these photos, snappedĀ in New York City, Alyssa looks great but there’s something weird going on with her face in that first photo. Maybe the eye makeup is too dark or something. In any event, she still looks good. I swear I’ve been in love with this woman since I was but a young thing. Maybe I’m a little biased.


  • insanely pretty women and she has the perfect body, she is just perfection

  • stunning babe, so pretty