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Amanda Beard’s Fun At The Beach

Amanda Beard recently had a day of fun at the beach with a guy “friend.” Yes, some guys do get very, very lucky, indeed! One of the pictures here even show the dude having the chance to “molest” Amanda’s tiny little tush. Yes, life can be unfair sometimes. As for Amanda, she’s sporting one fine body these days. Just look at those abs! Wonder if she ever does like a million sit ups everyday?

Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard Bikini Amanda Beard Picture Amanda Beard 3.jpg Amanda Beard 4.jpg Amanda Beard 5.jpg Amanda Beard 6.jpg Amanda Beard 7.jpg Amanda Beard 8.jpg Amanda Beard 9.jpg Amanda Beard 10.jpg Amanda Beard 11.jpg Amanda Beard 12.jpg Amanda Beard 13.jpg Amanda Beard 14.jpg Amanda Beard 15.jpg Amanda Beard 16.jpg Amanda Beard 17.jpg Amanda Beard 18.jpg Amanda Beard 19.jpg Amanda Beard 20.jpg


  • I never heard of this girl before, but she has really nice body. I hope she is in mood to swap. Can anyone tell me why is she celebrity? :o

  • Considering to Wiki Amanda is an American Olympic swimmer and model. So, fish in the water.

  • She was a american swimmer, every athlete who is hot
    has a chance in Fashion Industry.Great genes are highly valuable.
    I loved her Playboy cover.

  • outstanding muscles babe killer 6 pack

  • I never, ever thought I’d be saying this, but: Amanda Beard is to a considerable degree a more SMOKIN’-HOT girl athlete than even Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. Put this chick in a bikini and she comes damn close to even out-hotting Maria Menounos! Forget Melanie Griffith in the theatrical film, “Working Girl”–it’s Amanda who genuinely has “a body for sin.” And I would just love, love, love to get next to that body!

  • awesome body


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