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Amanda Bynes Has Shapely Legs

Amanda Bynes’ career is surely up and up these days. After starring in the movies “Hairspray,” “What A Girl Wants” and “She’s The Man,” Amanda’s next task is to make sure that the Semi-Pro L.A. Film Premiere is pretty much covered and talked about. Here’s the black mini dress-garbed Amanda at the premiere. Nice make-up and smile, simple accessories (just a gold clutch and a funky bracelet) and she’s off to please the paps. She also showed off her nice pair of shapely legs!

Amanda Bynes

Hairspray Semi-Pro Amanda Bynes 3.jpg Amanda Bynes 4.jpg Amanda Bynes 5.jpg Amanda Bynes 6.jpg Amanda Bynes 7.jpg Amanda Bynes 8.jpg Amanda Bynes 9.jpg


  • Yeah, her legs are the most amazing ever.

  • They’re OK but girls today tend to have skinny legs. They really aren’t very shapely.

  • I think Amanda’s got great legs, and really nice feet too. I’ve been off over her since she was on “What I Like About You”, and it’s great to see her getting even sexier as she is getting older.

  • i agree with john very skinny no shape legs. now i full well realize they will appeal to some people. just no my cup of tea. give me tjessica simpsons legs anyday

  • i agree they are very nice legs but not in the same league as britney, jessica, christina milian or my personal fav right now jojo. these girls have well toned shapely legs

  • I always loved Amanda’s legs and i always well.Ana i think that shes
    a babe. Love you,honey.And if you are reading this Amanda, you
    have beautiful legs.


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