written by Wanda

Amanda Bynes Is A Hot Mess. Someone Get This Girl Some Help.

You might not believe this, but the girl in these photos from Woodland Hills is Amanda Bynes. Remember Amanda TV shows like “The Amanda Show”, “All That” and “What I Like About You” and movies like “Big Fat Liar”, “What A Girl Wants”, “She’s the Man”, “Hairspray” and most recently (one of my favorites), “Easy A”? What happened to this girl? Sure she looks kinda cute here but this isn’t the Amanda I’m used to seeing. I don’t have a problem with a woman playing around with her look but when you consider the changes along side her legal problems (the DUI and hit and run allegations are especially troubling) you might get a picture of a girl who is in need of help. Get help before things get worse. I don’t want to see Amanda go the way of so many young women before her. Maybe I’m worrying about nothing but when police get involved on a regular basis, it might be time to reconsider your recreational activities.


  • What the hell is she wearing? A flag shirt with animal print shorts? Does not really match at all. I am not sure I would call her a hot mess. She needs to get her life back together, as she is really falling apart.

  • I am not too sure I would call her a hot mess. She does not look really hot here. Her hair is a mess, please dye it. And the outfit looks like a 5 year old picked it out. Come on Amanda get your life on track.

  • Hot mess my ass. She does not look good at all. The mess part is right for sure. She looks pretty f’ed up. I mean she does not look like the Amanda that I remember.

  • She needs more than help. How about a sylist? One that would at least match her clothes. She looks pretty tacky to me if you want my opinion. I do not much care for this look at all.